Monthly Archives: August 2015

My Platform is Not Listed

JMA receives calls all the time about platforms that we do not support directly. For example, we have no direct integration with 3DCart or AmeriCommerce. With over 400 e-commerce solutions, there is no way we can build an integration to each one of them. Luckily, there is a workaround. We integrate with ShipStation and ShipWorks.…
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Configuring Sales Tax Codes

Configure Cloud Cart Connector for Sales Tax There are two steps for mapping tax. They are adding tax codes to QuickBooks and assigning them to states in our system. Add Tax Codes to QuickBooks You must have tax codes in QuickBooks, which map a percentage and a U.S. state. Here are the steps: Login to…
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Costs of Goods Sold and Procurement

Introduction¬† Online stores only hold a product's unit price because online stores only create orders for customers. As the business owner, you must create a purchase order and a bill in QuickBooks to purchase goods to sell. Cost of Goods Sold You must enter the cost of goods sold on a per product basis: On…
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