A few words about us

How did you get started in QuickBooks?

“At my previous employer,” Joseph writes. “They hired an intern to type about 100 orders a day into QuickBooks. The company had over a hundred programmers. I asked myself; couldn’t one of them write software to automatically sync orders into QuickBooks? The company made software that helped move data in and out of databases, surely there must be a way.” Joseph left his employer in late 2009 and founded JMA Web Technologies in January of 2010.

In February of 2011, Joseph met a programmer who showed him how to integrate QuickBooks with an online store. JMA built several connectors and they achieved some commercial success, but the connectors only worked with a few solutions. The software required files to be installed on the QuickBooks machine and website, which hindered sales. In January of 2013, Intuit announced the Intuit Partner Platform and their plans to promote QuickBooks Online more prominently. With this new technology, JMA could build several connectors quickly with no need to install files because data was transferred through the web.

Seeing a strong business opportunity, almost no competition in integrating QuickBooks Online, and desire to make QuickBooks simpler to integrate, Joseph built Cloud Cart Connector. “No one should type several hundred orders into QuickBooks,” Joseph writes. Business owners should focus on what they do best, which is selling their products and services.” With over thirty integrations to the most popular CRM, inventory management, e-commerce, mobile POS, and shipping solutions, Cloud Cart Connector is the leading integration for QuickBooks Online. Cloud Cart Connector is middleware that connects your CRM, inventory management, e-commerce, mobile POS, and shipping solution to QuickBooks. The connector synchronizes customers, inventory, products, and orders with QuickBooks automatically.

After the tremendous success of its QuickBooks Online integration, Joseph wanted to see if lightning could strike twice. He received several calls a week about a QuickBooks Desktop integration like the Cloud Cart Connector. In March of 2015, JMA released Connex for QuickBooks. The software provides the same functionality of Cloud Cart Connector, but works with all versions of QuickBooks Desktop.

What we offer

U.S. Based Customer Service, Sales, and Technical Support

Our business office is located in the Boston area.

No Desktop App or Plugins to Install

Our software uses web services to communicate to QuickBooks and your website.

Affordable, Month-to-Month Pricing

Our plans are monthly and you can cancel at any time.