Connex is highly functional, stable software that is a total game changer for syncing online orders with QB PRO. No more double entry! Unlike other software syncing products, Connex is not full of bloatware nor is it over priced. Tech support at JMA Web Technologies is fast and competent. Processing wholesale orders online with WOO, Connex and QuickBooks is now more efficient than ever.

Chris T., California

Really glad that we selected this app to sync Shopify with QuickBooks Online. Works seamlessly, a lot of customization options, and VERY helpful support staff.  What I personally really appreciate is the level of customer service Joe provides. He's reachable just about any time, and he's very patient with people like myself who are new at needing to keep track of online sales.

K. Gibson, San Diego, CA
We use Cloud Cart Connector with Infusionsoft and it works flawlessly. We had one issue which prompted me to write this review...I called support, they picked up the phone and fixed the issue before I hung up. You don't see support like that very often.
I highly recommend the product and company.
David M., New Jersey

We use Cloud Cart Connector to sync Infusionsoft shopping cart sales with our online QuickBooks account and it works great! All Infusionsoft shopping cart sales transactions are automatically recorded into QuickBooks online in real-time and it is flawless. I can't tell you how much time this saves us, and our bookkeeper loves it too! It cuts-down on time spent manually entering in customer information and sales information. Setup is easy and Cloud Connector's excellent customer service will help you do it. I highly recommend this product.

K. Bennett, San Diego, CA