There are many reasons why you should use our software:

We have the most functional QuickBooks and Xero integrations on the market.

Most features can be added without major custom development.

JMA offers an automated syncing solution.

There are no buttons to press to make the sync run.

We are a U.S. based company.

Our sales, support, and customer service is in the Boston area. You can reach someone during business hours, if you need help.

JMA has specialized in Accounting software for almost a decade.

We have specialists on staff that know the ins and outs of Accounting.

You can manage your inventory inside of QuickBooks.

As our software creates orders, the inventory goes down. You can sync inventory updates from QuickBooks back to your online store without having to manage it in a web based solution.

We offer an on-boarding process and we assist you with set-up.

You only pay our activation fee, if you choose to purchase.

We offer affordable monthly pricing.

You can cancel at any time.