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Walmart Has Arrived

You asked. We answered. We're thrilled to announce a new integration with the Walmart Marketplace that will empower our valued customers to dramatically simplify their operations and achieve freedom from data entry. With the Walmart Marketplace integration, you can manage and sync your orders, manage inventory, and post refunds all from one central place. With the new…
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New Partnership with

JMA Web Technologies is proud to announce that we have partnered with popular e-commerce platform Zoey! Our team is constantly on the lookout for popular, innovative e-commerce solutions to partner and integrate with Connex for QuickBooks and Cloud Cart Connector to expand functionality and best meet the needs of our client’s. So, when we heard…
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Connex Product Mapping Installation Guide

Our product mapping tool gives you the ability to tell Connex how you would like handle creating new products in QuickBooks.

Connex will create new products if they are missing from QuickBooks or if it cannot find a match. This is the default behavior of the software. You can tell Connex how to map the missing products in QuickBooks or manually match an item in your website to an item in QuickBooks.

Price Level Support for Connex

Connex can support price levels that you set in QuickBooks. By default, Connex enters the unit price from your e-commerce solution to QuickBooks. If the customer has a price level, the unit price from the online store overrides it. Ideally, you should set-up price levels on your online store. The store and QuickBooks should not…
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