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Skubana: Operating System of Ecommerce

Skubana has arrived. JMA Web Technologies is proud to announce integration with the powerful, innovative Skubana inventory management solution. Skubana is your mission control center. Designed and built like nothing else on the market today, Skubana is the industry standard for inventory management solutions. Skubana unifies your inventory management operations under one roof and provides powerful…
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New Partnership with

JMA Web Technologies is proud to announce that we have partnered with popular e-commerce platform Zoey! Our team is constantly on the lookout for popular, innovative e-commerce solutions to partner and integrate with Connex for QuickBooks and Cloud Cart Connector to expand functionality and best meet the needs of our client’s. So, when we heard…
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Update Address Information in QuickBooks

Connex has a feature that will update a customer address in QuickBooks. This is helpful if a customer places an order on your website and uses their new address information. Connex will update the addresses, phone, email, company and name fields in QuickBooks as shown here:   This feature can be turned on in your…
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Connex Product Mapping Tool Overview

It is important to understand how Connex matches your products in QuickBooks to products in your selling channel. The default matching criteria for Connex is the QuickBooks Item Name to the SKU Field on your website.

Our product mapping tool gives you the ability to tell Connex how you would like handle creating new products in QuickBooks.