Release Notes – JMA Updates, Dec 15, 2017

The following features are now live.

New Features:

  • When importing new products, Connex now verifies that product images are valid before syncing them.
  • Users may now update the order status and tracking details from QuickBooks to BigCommerce.

Bugs & Updates:

Connex for QuickBooks

  • Performance enhancement. Connex will now process new customer and new product data from a supported platform to QuickBooks in batches, increasing sync speed and cutting down on Web Connector failures and time out issues.
  • Fixed an issue with using price from QuickBooks, instead of price from store, for sub items.
  • Fixed and issue related to Magento with refund mapping and receiving line items.

Cloud Cart Connector

  • Added support for mapping UK addresses from QuickBooks Online.

Connex for QuickBooks & Cloud Cart Connector

  • Fixed an issue mapping shipping amount for eBay orders using multi-leg shipping.
  • Fixed an issue involving Shopify install and configuration where user time zone failed to save properly.
  • Fixed an issue involving Shopify support for refunds where items are not restocked. Connex and Cloud Cart Connector will add a special line item, instead of the products refunded, when items are not restocked.


JMA Web Technologies Development Team


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