Release Notes – JMA Updates, Jan. 19, 2018

The following features are now live.

New Features:

  • Added a mass void and spreadsheet upload of order numbers capability to the Connex Mass Order Delete tool (Connex Only).
  • Added support for skipping sales, if product is missing from QuickBooks Point of Sale (Connex only. See Product Mapping tool).
  • Added feature to allow users to upload a spreadsheet of sales. To learn more, please click here.

Bugs & Updates:

Connex for QuickBooks

  • Fixed an issue with duplicate refunds syncing to QuickBooks POS.
  • Fixed an issue with build assemblies failing, if you had multiple orders to sync.

Cloud Cart Connector

  • Fixed an issue with duplicate Purchase Orders syncing.

Connex for QuickBooks & Cloud Cart Connector

  • Fixed an issue with the product mapping tool not creating necessary SKU mapping rules.
  • Fixed and issue with Shopify inventory sync unable to find matching products.
  • Fixed payment method mapping and performance issues with Shopify payment methods.
  • Fixed an issue with the Mass Order Delete tool spreadsheet up-loader failing to read order numbers.



JMA Web Technologies Development Team

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