Walmart Has Arrived

You asked. We answered.

We're thrilled to announce a new integration with the Walmart Marketplace that will empower our valued customers to dramatically simplify their operations and achieve freedom from data entry. With the Walmart Marketplace integration, you can manage and sync your orders, manage inventory, and post refunds all from one central place.

With the new Walmart Marketplace integration, Connex and Cloud Cart customers can sync their Walmart Marketplace account with QuickBooks desktop or QuickBooks Online. Effortlessly sync and post sales data, expenses, refunds, inventory data and more to QuickBooks.

With this powerful new integration at your fingertips, sellers like you can now operate your business with maximum efficiency. JMA Web Technologies software solutions integrate with over 50 of the most popular marketplaces, e-commerce solutions, and business systems to achieve freedom from data entry for our clients. This solution is available now and easy to integrate with your existing Connex or Cloud Cart account.

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