“Prior to using Connex, we were only able to download Amazon orders into a sales receipt without knowing whether the order was Merchant fulfilled or Amazon fulfilled. The only receipt separation we had was a taxable receipt and a non-taxable receipt. Connex has helped us report sales based on fulfillment for Amazon. Additionally, we use a Merchant Services Account and we were NEVER able to classify the payment type someone used when purchasing from our websites. Sales receipts would just download into one account. With Connex, we were able to separate the payment methods by credit card used. This made reconciliation, statement viewing, and payment matching a lot easier.

Before I found Connex, I played around with a couple of other systems, and NONE of them (without major customization, time, and costs) were able to work with Advanced Inventory. I needed the functionality of using multiple warehouses and found I was not able to post to bins other than “unassigned” with the software I worked with. The customization ability of Connex has been very helpful for us to get in as much information as possible in a way that we want to see it. When you run stores on multiple platforms, on multiple marketplaces, with multiple same-store connections, the data must come into our accounting system with complete accuracy. The “Connections” rule ability gives us the flexibility to apply specific rules for specific marketplaces.

As we grow, in both sku’s and sales volume, Connex will grow with us giving us all the capability and customization we need to keep our accounting records clean, organized, detailed and correct. We look forward to a successful future together.”

Joe P., Connex user since 2015